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them. they sort of work on the fringe a lot and accept that failure rate. again 85% to 90%. obviously in sally's case they had a success. they figured it out. in kylie's case they're going to keep going. they're going to keep working. it's a process. they're going to try to help patients through advanced science. if you missed any part of today's show check out my podcast cavitting and set your dvr 7:30 eastern. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news and cnn starts right now. fbi agents raiding homes in the midwest, homes of anti-war activists. but they could be tied to terror. new details emerging from the latest lawsuit against mega church minister eddie long. this is the fourth lawsuit just this week. all young men who claim the bishop engaged them in a sexual relationship when they were teens.
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he is denying the allegations. it is 8:00 a.m. here in atlanta, 5:00 in pine bluff, arkansas. good morning to you. i'm drew griffin in for t.j. this morning. thanks for starting your day with us. let's check the top stories. a greater sense of security in the nation's largest subway system. 500 additional surveillance cameras online this morning and up and running in new york's underground. police say the goal is to better prevent crime and possible terror attacks on the subway system. a plane bound for pakistan made an emergency landing in stockholm, sweden, early this morning. police have now arrested one passenger. authorities say a tipster called to say the man was carrying explosives. police have yet to confirmed that story. all 260 people on board the plane have been evacuated. they are okay. in south florida, no arrests yet after friday's bizarre bank robbery. this is near miami. police say several men forced a teller to rob his own bank by
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strapping a supposed bomb on the teller. nobody hurt. the device was dee activated. there are new developments today in the deepening sex scandal at one of the largest churches in the u.s. a fourth man has filed a lawsuit accusing bishop eddie long of coercing him into sex as a teenager. long is denying the accusation through his attorneys and says he will face them tomorrow from the pulpit. martin savidge is here with a closer look at why this is such a big story. >> it is a troubling story and one developing through the week and it's quite remarkable because we're talking about a religious empire built over the personality of one man -- bishop eddie long -- 25,000 parishioners. yet it would seem that empire and church s. very much teetering on the brink. the latest lawsuit late yesterday afternoon brought by a young man by the name of 22-year-old spencer legrand. what's different about this suit is where legrand is from, charlotte, north carolina. he was actually a member of a
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satellite parish located there of the new birth church and he says it was there at that church that he met bishop long when he was 17 years of age. they began a telephone communication and relationship that way. several months later the young man was invited by bishop long, according to the suit, to go to africa with him. he says it was during that trip the intermat sexual contact began between him and bishop long. they slept together for eight nights and it was a relationship that would continue for years. similar to the other suits brought by the three other young men, it implies there was a condition of sort of sexual coercion, that these young men were given favors. they were given access to incredibly famous people. they traveled around the world all the time under the care of bishop eddie long and this is how the troubling sexual relationship evolved over time. we want to point out that of course the attorneys for bishop long deny all of these suits categorically. and yesterday bishop long
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himself apparently spoke out in what is described as a conference call. this conference call was actually listened to by one of our affiliates. here is a quote from bishop long in which he says, "i have never did welt anything like this before. i have been under attack before but everything else has been at different levels and different challenges." and then also yesterday, there was a gathering of local pastors here in the atlanta alt area where they were trying to determine how they should re act to these horrible allegations that have been made. among those who came out and spoke to us was jasper williams. here's what he had to say, how they will respond. >> we're asking in our prayers that god will give us directions as it relates to the church and what the church should do and how it is that we should respond to all that is going on this week. >> speaking of responses, then, bishop eddie long is going to speak out for the first time publicly from the pulpit
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tomorrow. drew, not once but twice. two services. one at 8:00 a.m., the other at 11:00 a.m. we will be there, and you can imagine many other people will be wondering. >> one of the great mysteries in this for people who support him and those who are ambivalent to him is why the silence. why five days of silence? if indeed this is not true. if indeed as his lawyers say these are lies, then where is eddie long? why isn't he coming forward and saying, don't believe this? >> there were a number of apparently situations where he was to come forward. he was going to speak on a national radio program. he backed out of that apparently at the advice of his attorney. there was supposedly going to be a press conference. that was also hastily canceled. so it appears that he's getting advice. some might argue it's not very good advice that he needs to run to just about every microphone and say these allegations are absolutely false and as his attorneys claim this is nothing more than young men trying to
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shakedown bishop long for money. >> let's bring in roland martin on the phone now, a cnn contributor. you wrote an article this morning which i just got seconds ago. but briefing through it, you say, while i disagree with waiting five days since the allegations were revealed, if someone accused me of doing this and i know in my heart i didn't do it, i'd be screaming from the top of georgia stone mountain. you seem to have been asking the same question i am. where is eddie long? >> first of all, when i interviewed -- i was the one who interviewed the attorney craig gilliland on the show on thursday and we had already confirmed bishop eddie long was notified around midnight that night that he was not going to be appearing. what i said to him was -- i said the exact same thing. what he said was when you have these kind of serious charges and you hire an attorney, you listen to your attorney's advice. i was watching tv 1 and we dealt with this tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.
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eastern and talked to a crisis expert who said you might disagree from the media standpoint but from a pr standpoint, attorney's standpoint, you have to make sure that you are not making any possible statement publicly that could cut back and be used against you in any kind of legal situation. this is a civil case. but remember b.j. bernstein, the attorney for the plaintiffs, she has called in federal authorities saying that with him being over the long fellow academy, that something is amiss there. so you want to watch every single step. so again to each his own but that's certainly the position -- like i told the attorney, that i know i would take when you have these kind of serious charges. >> that's obviously, as martin was saying, the legal advice is to shut up, to let this play out in court. but i'm wondering, roland, from a man of the cloth standpoint, from a higher calling
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standpoint, is that really the path you believe he should be taking? >> well, again, you have -- even though he is a man the cloth, you're still dealing with the legal issue. secondly, if you look at the fourth lawsuit, the fourth lawsuit -- actually, the third lawsuit names several other individuals who work for the church as well. if you look also at all of the different lawsuits, they raise -- it goes beyond sexual coercion. they talk about fiduciary responsibility. they talk about fraud. so the legal exposure from the church's standpoint extends beyond just bishop eddie long. they're saying that other people were involved as well. so he also is the one who is the leader of the church. and so he is not only looking at a personal responsibility. he has to think about what are the potential legal exposure, financial exposure for the entire church. and so, yes, a man of cloth but
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also ceo of the church, also personal responsibility. so you have so many different layers here that you have to make the appropriate decision. and so certainly, again, i understand when you factor all of that in, the attorney's position might very well be, look, you don't say anything until you address your own congregation. we doesn't know what he is going to say. we don't know if he is going to deny it, if he's going to admit to it, if he is going to step down. and at the end of the day, although we have answers publicly, the people who he most has to answer to is his congregation. >> all right. roland, thanks. one thing we do know now apparently from art franklin, who is bishop eddie long's spokesperson is bishop long is not going to step down. we got this. the rumor bishop long is stepping down on sunday is absolutely false. eddie long is and will continue to be the senior pastor of new birth missionary baptist church.
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do we have any idea what he's going to say? >> no, we don't. one thing obviously clear is although people may have their faith shaken in bishop eddie long, their faith overall is going to remain just as strong. >> all right. thank you. thank you both. martin savidge. and we're going to continue to follow this story all weekend of course. martin will report back on what bishop long tells this congregation. you going to be out there? >> you bet. >> we'll have it for you live tomorrow. 8:00 is when the bishop is expected to speak during that hour. why is one group saying a military concert and soldiers and families violates the constitution? >> express purpose of this event is to evangelize and spread the gospel to all those who are lost. soldiers are given pieces of paper with seven blank names on it to bring seven more people so they will come to christ. >> we are going to take a look at whether the concert is trying to support the troops or convert them. plus, heavy rains are pounding the midwest. our reynolds wolf is going to show us exactly where.
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how much is oprah worth? we asked you before the break. well, let's tell you that it's -- the answer -- what do you think? >> i was actually going to go with "c." >> well, you lose. $2.7 billion is how much oprah is worth. worg a lot more to her viewers. she's number 130 on the "forbes" richest 4 had 00 americans list. hope she's having a good morning and hope she's watching. good morning, oprah. much of the midwest dealing with some serious flooding, some in southwest wisconsin are getting an upper body workout. why? because they're rowing canoes and going through the water there. water levels should be receding. another storm, though, apparently on the horizon. we're going to bring in reynolds to tell us about that. hot in the south. where is fall? where is the crack of the october footballs? >> absolutely. we're going to be getting
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definitely the crack of the october footballs in parts of the southeast. what we're waiting for is some of the rain and really the cooler weather. one of the issues we have in the southeast is with the lack of rainfall we're not going to have some of the same fall colors we love to have like in the appalachians. but we are going to see changes coming. let's go right to it. one of the changes in parts of the midwest is a little bit of a dry spell, which is great for wisconsin. the problem is we saw the flooding there. that dry spell will only last a few hours because this area of low pressure moving out is going to be replaced by another one moving across the midwest. that's the second installment of rainfall that will come to parts of wisconsin, to chicago before the day is out, some delays possible at all your major airports and parts of the midwest including into st. louis. in the southeast it's going to be this area of low pressure, this boundary that's going to be sweeping across parts of alabama. huntsville may get scattered showers. same in nashville. fast forward into tomorrow might see a bit of a cooldown in places like atlanta with highs in the 70s. that's tomorrow. today the high around 90
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degrees. 61 in chicago, 79 denver and 81 in san francisco, 91 in los angeles out by the staples center. in terms of your forecast out in the atlantic, things are pretty interesting out there. we have a fairly small hurricane as far as hurricanes are keshld. this is lisa. winds at 80 miles per hour. the forecast for this particular storm is going to continue to march to the north moving into an area of cooler water and strong upper level winds which we refer to as sheer. with that, the storm may weaken altogether and have no effect on the u.s. the next storm we're following tropical storm matthew expected to cross just north of honduras, possibly moving out into the caribbean and back over to belize and dying out in central america. possibly a flooding situation and maybe some mud slides. there's a quick shot at your forecast. we have more coming up right here on "cnn saturday morning." ♪ crackers turned into tasty, crunchy sticks! ♪
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t adwiwiout food al t ♪ lean on me when you're not strong ♪ ♪ and i'll be your friend >> it's time for the guys on the couch segment as reynolds wipes a tear. touchy feely time. the economy has turned more of us guys into stay at home dads. fortunately we haven't been turned into that just yet. here's what it looks like. these dads are looking for help and advice from other fathers who have been there. so they turn to the internet. josh is here to tell us about a
8:18 am
quickly growing phenomenon which i was surprised at. daddy bloggers. >> daddy bloggers. 158,000 stay at home dads now. >> huge? >> here's the thing. you're right. there's different ways to decide what's huge. 15,000 dads in this country have been home for a full year now taking care of their kids. this is more than ever. the economy is doing this to a lot of them. my wife as a stay at home mom looks on the internet all the time for advice. now more dads are doing the same thing. they had their first ever summit. you want to call that huge or not, you can. they had a summit in which a bunch of these guys who run the blogs got together and it's catching on. i asked them what are dads looking for online. >> they're really looking for other dads who are going through the same things they are and looking for some support, looking for some funny stories and really wanting to share the magic that is being a father. >> guys are responding the same
8:19 am
way that a lot of women have traditionally responded. they look for articles on potty training, how to get the baby to sleep, how to name their baby. then they end up being a lot on relationship issues because there are a lot of things that guys just don't talk about with anybody after the baby is born and we get a fair amount of traffic articles about sex after pregnancy because relationships change with that first baby. >> you don't hear about this stuff a lot, right? these issues don't come up a lot. >> this role is being completely reinvented and lots of men are out there wanting to talk about it because there's not a previous generation you can go to. you can't go to your dad because his form of fatherhood is completely different from what we see today. it's new media. it's new fatherhood. that's what we're talking about here. >> on your blog you find out this is a place to present information about ideas about it, have conversations with other dads about it where you share the experience because they need that sense of community. >> we're not the peter griffin or the homer simpson that we're
8:20 am
often portrayed as. we're involved in our family. we're working and trying to provide or we're working at home in a lot of cases and our role in the family is being real men. >> and what real men means, right? that's part of -- what it means to be a real man now. guys who get together and have poker night and could talk. guys could call each other. what is it specifically about being online that is offering dads something? what do they want from the web? >> we're not out going to the pta meetings necessarily and not meeting the other guys in the neighborhood as often as we should. the nights of poker night are not that easy and they don't happen as much. it's one core group of guys. but with the web you get to talk to guys all around the world that you may never actually meet in person and you can share these ideas and have this conversation. >> when are they getting on blogs? because my day is so busy and if you have a job and then get home and have your kids, are they
8:21 am
staying up late at 2:00 in the morning because they couldn't have sex? when are they getting online? >> we're finding that they're saying i'm on the computer at work, but they're also saying there's a huge segment of time between 30 minutes and 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day when they get back home where they're actually going online. >> what are the biggest things that you think in general people in society don't understand about dads? >> dads are so active in their kids' lives. i work from home and have worked from home for four years. my kids come home. i have to help them with their home work. i'm the one doing it. i'm signing their forms and going to the -- and i love it. i would have it no other way. i think that's the biggest thing people seem to miss. you still see all the advertisements, all the literature. it's always with the mom's slant on it. and it is a slight. >> not only are we active, but we're competent. we're really good fathers. >> i like changing my baby's diaper and getting the milk at night or whatever because it's a very human thing, if you're a woman or man caring for a little
8:22 am
baby is a very human emotion. so we want to promote that same feeling or that acceptance of that to other men to promote men being involved dads who felt uncomfortable as well but also to the society who see us that way. >> and so you can see now dads in all sorts of situations looking into this. you both said that's so true. what is that? >> you go to a book store and you'll see a plethora of child care books geared toward females, how to do this for your baby. but not so many geared toward guys. when a -- for me, when you look at a young kid -- and i have two daughters, a 2-year-old and 4-year-old. basically my goal is to keep them from killing themselves. keep from destroying the house and killing themselves until they get to be about 7 or so. >> the other thing is sitcoms, commercials, dad is a doof and doesn't know how to raise his kids. that's so con rather to my experience -- >> you have a lot more father experience than you do. your daughter is grown.
8:23 am
>> man up. be a dad and get out there and help. >> they're saying this is what they're doing and sick of these representations out there. people suggesting that's not what they're doing. i have two things to show you since we're talking about dad. a couple of stats quickly. in this country 42% are sole providers in this country and two-thirds now working more than 40%. 9% have taken on second jobs. we want to hear your thoughts on all this. weigh in on my facebook and twitter. that was fast enough, right? >> that was fast. fascinating and interesting. daddy blog summit. did i get a t-shirt by the way? >> you want one? i'll get one from the summit.
8:24 am
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all right. president obama says he wants students to be more involved in science technology and math. now he's putting some bucks behind it. the first ever national video game challenge. you design the winning video game and get tens of thousands of dollars for your school. here's what the president had to say about getting kids involved. >> our nation's success depends on strengthening america's role as the world's engine of discovery and innovation. that leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today especially in science, technology, engineering and math. we know how important this is for our health. it's important for our security. it's important for our environment. >> what's this all about? we turn to our tech guru mario armstrong. he's joining us from washington. mario, what is this all about? >> drew, this is all about
8:28 am
trying to tap into kids and to tap into an area of innovation. the bottom line is we are at a tough time in our economy and in our innovation. we are looking at kids' math as we relate to other countries and developed nations. we're 25th out of 30 ranked in math. we're 21st out of 30 ranked in science. the bottom line is we need to do more things of relevance to get kids inspired to want to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers and academics. >> some people may scoff at the video game angle. why the video game competition? >> i think this is great. this is like to me like the sput nick moment. it's one of those things where the public was caught offguard by sputnik. i think video games have the same potential. the only thing video games have entertainment value. there's social impact. games for health and all types of games are developed now from everything from public policy all the way over to health care. so my point is to develop a
8:29 am
game, you have to have core foundations in mathematics. you cannot develop a game, drew, if you don't understand algebra or geometric shapes and polygons. do you tell them let's go to jet stream trif class or create a video game? >> very interesting. it's called s.t.e.m. the competition is based on those issues. >> and three basic competitions that are happening. one is geared toward middle aged kids fifth through eighth grade. they're creating a game on paper or if they're advanced enough they can use online tools that are free like m.i.t. has a gamemaker tool. they could create a game or prototype and then go for an opportunity to win $50,000 in cash prizes which can be comprised of laptops, educational software as well as cash for the school. another part of the challenge is the developer challenge. this is where emerging game
8:30 am
designers or college students or adults or game companies could go after a pool of 100k in potentiaprizes and help with marketing and distributing their game especially for those that are focused on underserved populations. >> you mentioned companies. are companies involved in this? are they putting up some cash? >> companies are absolutely backing this because when i talk to ceos, i don't care if they're from dell to microsoft or anywhere in between, they're concerned about the pipeline issue. where is the future of our echk nears coming from? microsoft is behind this, amd and the entertainment software association behind this and a slue of other partners that want this to be successful. this is inaugural launch, the first kickoff of what intends to be several years of this type of competition. >> folks sitting at home maybe they're gamers or designers. they want to find out about this. where do we look? >> two places,
8:31 am
and also on my blog. i have a whole host of resources and websites and links for kids interested in video games but may not have the same interests at home for maybe math and science. and they can help parents bridge that gap. so my blog is at >> enjoy it. every saturday morning catch mario. he is our tech guru. >> dream, create, go. >> sit back down. we got it. >> that's what i want them to do. dream, create, go. >> mario armstrong joining us from washington, d.c. thanks. you get the latest scoop on the latest technology you can use on our tech segments every saturday with that smiling guy there. and you can visit his website as he said.
8:32 am
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checking our topstories, fbi agents searching homes and offices in minneapolis and chicago. this is part of a terror investigation. groups allegedly supporting terrorism. the fbi confiscated computer hard drives and one cell phone. no arrests. one of the activists says the groups have done nothing wrong. a fourth lawsuit has been filed against prominent atlanta area pastor eddie long. four young men claiming the pastor coerced them into sexual relationships. long is expected to talk about the allegations against him from the pulpit of his church tomorrow. we're going to have that for you live. actress lindsay lohan is out of jail this morning. a california judge reversed another judge's decision and ordered her to be released if she put up $300,000 bail. initially she was to stay behind
8:35 am
bars until october 22nd. she reportedly tested positive for controlled substance use. critics say a christian outreach concert scheduled tonight for soldiers and families at ft. bragg, north carolina, is crossing the line. general david petraeus has said many times he's worried muslims overseas may believe the u.s. military is representing the christian faith. it's called sensitive issue and says the perception alone could put the lives of u.s. troops in danger. he's talking about people who insult islam, for example, calling it evil and a wicked religion. here's the controversy. that concert at ft. bragg is being held by evangelist billy graham and his son franklin. franklin graham is the one who said that islam is evil and wicked. given his record, how will this play out in the muslim world. will it be a problem for our commanders? here's a special report by our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. >> reporter: the christian concert is called rock the fort. it's living up to its name.
8:36 am
the billy graham evangelistic association is bringing christian rock bands and worship to ft. bragg and some say crossing a line. >> the express purpose of the event is to evangelize and spread the gospel to all those who are lost. soldiers are given pieces of paper with seven blank names to bring seven more people to come to christ. >> reporter: ft. bragg advertised it on the website. mikey weinstein says more than 100 soldiers have complained to his group sending e. mails saying pleas help us mrff. this is wrong. >> here in a few minutes i'm going to give you a chance to make a decision. it's your choice. >> reporter: rock the fort has been to several other bases including recruit training at ft. jackson. >> we pray not only do they become soldiers here in boot camp but we pray they will come into god's army in the sense of giving their life over to jesus christ. >> reporter: critics say that's a dangerous message for the military to bring into basic
8:37 am
training. >> we're not supposed to use the u.s. army to develop and engender new soldiers for christ. >> our goal is again not to proselytize anyone from either their particular faith that they're a part of. and our goal is not to coerce anyone. >> reporter: ft. bragg's chaplain says the event on his base is open to the public. no one has to come. except that thousands of soldiers and their families who are excited to do so. >> really, it's up to the individual. and people, like any message or any faith, can choose to accept or reject. we're offering an invitation, but that invitation is only voluntary and of the free choice of that particular individual. >> reporter: the chaplain wrote to north carolina churches on ft. bragg letterhead promoting the event. billy graham's website states right up front "the rock the fort outreach is designed to channel new believers into your
8:38 am
church." americans united for separation of church and state wrote the secretary of the army urging him to stop the military's endorsement of the event. they argue proselytizing is prohibited and the army is breaking the lau by endorsing religion. the chaplain says the base is nearly a host for anyone who wants to come. >> the chaplain also told me that sharing the faith is part of the christian tradition and he's not only obligated but happy to provide the same kind of support to other faiths on base if they wanted to putt on a similar event. critics say when it comes to religion, all the army is supposed to do is officiate religious events and provide a place for soldiers to worship. and these concerts go way beyond that. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. another military controversial issue, a federal judge has ordered the reinstatement of an openly gay air force major. she was dismissed under the military's "don't ask, don't
8:39 am
tell." her name is major margaret wit and sued to get her job back. they honor bli discharged her in 2007 because of an affair with a woman. witt spent 20 years as a decorated air force flight nurse. most see her reinstatement as a setback for the obama administration's attempt to end the policy. >> i'm absolutely thrilled. i mean, all i've ever wanted to do was to go back to my unit and do my job. so just for that chance, i'm really excited. >> the air force still says witt's discharged fully consistent with the law. the critical midterm elections are coming up in 38 days and 2012 presidential hopefuls are already looking at ways to gain support in a very important state. mitt romney, the former governor of massachusetts and a 2008 republican presidential candidate, gives the key note
8:40 am
address this morning at the new hampshire republican party state convention. new hampshire holds the nation's first presidential primary, which is still 16 months off. romney is the first of three potential republican presidential candidates targeting new hampshire. mississippi governor haley barbour, the former national republican committee chair will be there monday for a plant tour. minnesota governor tim pawlenty is also going to be in new hampshire thursday and will also campaign for that governor. maybe this was supposed to be funny. it certainly was sarcastic. but some people are now saying very ill advised. a hearing on capitol hill yesterday on a serious topic, conditions facing migrant farm workers, but testifying was a comedian, stephen colbert. and he was in character. colbert spent a day in the fields working alongside immigrant workers taping this bit for his comedy central show
8:41 am
which deals with political satire. he tried to be funny. he made a joke about game in in iowa and said the best way to prevent abuse of migrant workers is for americans to stop eating fruits and vegetables they pick. the chairwoman of the subcommittee said she wanted to call attention to the problem saying celebrities add pizazz. they also add controversy. >> picking beans, packing corn for hours on end side by side in the unforgiving sun, i have to say -- and i do mean this sincerely -- please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. for one thing, when you're picking beans you have to spend all day bending over. it turns out -- and i did not know this -- most soil is at ground level. if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make the earth waist high? come on, where is the funding? >> republicans weren't laughing. the committee criticized colbert's appearance as a stunt. lamar smith of texas said
8:42 am
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8:46 am
♪ you know, fans have a really complicated relationship with superstar athletes. a new poll shows you either love them or hate them. here's an example. what they call the "q" rating, a poll measuring athlete popularity showing the most disliked athletes in america in this order are michael vick, tiger woods, terrell owens, chad ochocinco, kobe bryant and lebron james. but wait a minute. kobe bryant and tiger woods are also tied at number one on the most popular athletes' list from harris interactive. get this. the michael vick football jersey is one of the most popular in the nfl right now. for more on the fickle fan base and what it means to an athlete's market bltd bring in sports business analyst rick harrow from west palm beach, florida. i don't get it. michael vick, rise, fall, rise
8:47 am
again. four years he's now the starting quarterback of the eagles, number one most disliked list, yet, rick, the jersey is selling like crazy. how does this happen? >> we're a schizophrenic nation, my friend. that's part of the issue. four years ago, the guy was on top of the world. then the problem with dogfighting. then the contrition, then the repentance. now he's back and he sure can throw the football. it's the same thing with kobe bryant. you remember in 2003 he had major legal issues. he is reviled in some circles, revered in others. and as we said on that graphic, he's also the top nba jersey sales spokesman in china. so people love them. people hate them. but from an endorsement perspective, people certainly are aware of them. >> well, let's look at the dislike list again. vick, terrell owens, tiger woods, open yoe cinco, kobe bryant and lebron james who took
8:48 am
a hit because of the way he moved to miami, how that was handled. are there long term effects or will it be like vick? you play well, all is forgiven? >> remember one was a federal crime and another was just an unpopular decision to go to a mooshth. there were six other markets. chicagos, new yorks, clevelands. you can't please everybody. he had a television show that many people think probably should have been done over again called "the decision." he should have called owners first. that was a tactical thing. his like in did he have is higher than everybody but so is dwyane wade and chris bosh, his miami heat teammates. they play in a couple of months. there's a little jealousy there. i don't think this is deep. if the heat plays well people aren't going to like them especially if they're beat by him but i think he comes back quite clearly. >> vick did go to prison for crimes. we're also talking about ben roethlisberger. obviously he was accused of rape. kobe bryant back after being accused of rape. double standard?
8:49 am
>> everything is evolving. kobe bryant was not convicted. ben roethlisberger was not tried. so there are issues there regarding the justice system, which is most important here. roethlisberger 27 years old. he's been suspended. he's going to come back. if the steelers play well -- i don't think all will be forgotten but he's got to change his behavior as well. bottom line, contracts with corporate america and endorsers. they're shorter and smaller and easier to terminate. that's not because of one athlete or one incident. that is because of the general malaise we have see out there. >> rick, thank you for joining us. good luck with all your football picks today. big changes how you get the health care. the new reforms kick in this week affecting your coverage and wallet. at the top of the hour we're going to break it down. first another quick quiz about the "forbes" richest americans. one of these people is tied for the last spot on the "forbes" 400 list. who is it?
8:50 am
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all righty. who is the least of the 400 richest americans? we asked you before the break. reynolds, you want to take a pick? >> i was speaking to my friend rich daniel. i have to agree with him. i think john edson because we've heard of ross perot and t. boone pickens is well known. >> you are correct. let me tell you a little bit about john. he's one of 16 people tied for that final spot. 16 people. self-made man's net worth is $1 billion even. started building sale boail boa 1955 sold it four years later for $24 million. i guess he had a pretty good investment. >> if you're going to be last on the list, that's not a bad one. >> especially if you're making
8:54 am
sailboats. that's cool. you're going to need a sailboat in parts of wisconsin. >> how right you are. they had some rough stuff. heavy rainfall in parts of wisconsin. a little break today but by tonight could be possibly heavy rainfall. >> saturated grounds. right back up. >> i know, man. take a look at that video there. you see the rain coming down like a sack of hammers yesterday. now it's going to draw back a little bit but as you look at the maps on the magic wall you see this. another area of development farther back over toward minneapolis southward along 29 and even to 80 shifting northeast. that could mean more rainfall. probably not as heavy as the first installment which caused flooding in wisconsin and into portions of michigan but it will be a little more than they certainly need. we're seeing in parts of the southeast the beginning of changes in the forecast. take a look at this line you see of showers that extend from parts of the carolinas of the piedmont rio de janeispee
8:55 am
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down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. these are top stories on this saturday morning. 5 million people ride the new york city subway every day. to prevent crime and look out for terrorists they're adding 500 surveillance cameras
8:57 am
monitored around the clock. the police commissioner calls it a high priority. more problems for the pastor of an atlanta area mega church. a fourth teenager accusing pastor eddie long of coercing him into a sexual relationship. this kid says it happened in 2005 during a trip to africa and continued four years after that. long is bishop of new birth missionary baptist church, a congregation of more than 25,000 people. he through his attorneys denying the allegations. a group of atlanta area pastors says it's going to rally around long and pray for him. >> i don't know what the outcome is. i just don't know. but i do know the church. and i do know the impact. and i do know that as a believer that somebody needs to make a stand and to say something. and that's all i'm doing. i'm just calling for the church to come together with the pastor. in texas, the texas board of
8:58 am
education passed a nonbinding resolution objecting to what it calls the religious bias of some world history textbooks. the resolution calls the books slant s. toward islam. because of the sheer volume of texts the state buys the vote could influence publishers in many other states. announcer: if we all lived here we wouldn't have to worry about what's in our water. but most of us live here. so we need the brita pitcher. for healthier, clean tasting water.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. i'm drew griffin in for t.j. today. he's got the day off. this time every saturday we spend a half hour digging deeper into the issue that directly affects you. today it's the new health care law. we'll tell you what's in it for you. one of the gop battle cries is to win the midterm elections to repeal the law. joining us to talk about that are two lawmakers, republican and democrat. phil gingrey and allison schwartz will join us live to talk about the politics of health care but we're going to
9:01 am
start with the president's remarks about health care this past week. here is the president speaking in falls church, virginia, on wednesday. >> and health care was one of those issues that we could no longer ignore. we couldn't ignore it because the cost of health care has been escalating faster than just about anything else. and i don't need to tell you all that. even if you have health insurance, you've seen your co-payments, your premiums skyrocket. even if you get health care from your employer, that employer's costs have skyrocketed and they're starting to pass more and more of those costs on to their employers. more people don't get health care from their employers and in addition what you are seeing was that at the state level and at the federal level, the costs of health care -- because people weren't getting it on the job and were trying to get it through the c.h.i.p. program or
9:02 am
medicaid or disability or what have you, all those costs were driving our government bank ruptd. >> welt, president obama signed the new health care reform act six months ago. several major portions of the new law went into effect thursday. some of the big changes brought about by health care reform package may not apply to your health care plan. josh is back with a look at that. >> i'll talk to you about some of the basics. it's important that you look into what happens in your plan because it is true that as of thursday some of the changes went into effect. if your plan is new, if you're getting one right now, it might affect you. a lot of people won't be affected until january 1st when your company gives you your new plan for the new year. but even then, some changes might not affect you. there are a few that should affect everyone like coverage for children with preexisting children. that should end up in all the major plans. insurers not being able to rescind coverage. if you get sick, they can't
9:03 am
suddenly go ahead and take away the coverage. there are others if it's grandfathered or not be there like unrestrikdz doctor's choice or if you go to an emergency room out of your network they're not supposed to charge you more. there are certain things in the plan required by the new health care law. but if your plan is grandfathered, then it is exempted from having to have some of these changes in it. so you have to find out a couple of things. one, when the new plan kicks in. but the second is whether or not your plan is what's called grandfathered and if it is, it gets a little tougher each year for the plans to remain grandfathered. it's difficult. and that could ultimately benefit you. some of the changes might still work their way into your plan but this is what you need to finds out. when your new plan kicks in and whether or not it's grands fathered. that will help you determine how many of these changes will actually hit your health insurance plan. >> it's a very, very complicated law. that's part of the problem say opponents. the health care law is law now
9:04 am
but if republicans take over congress could things change? >> oh, me. any of these things could change. we have some states that are obviously trying to challenge this and we don't know where that will end up going. we also don't know where some of this battle over the major health care reform package could turn. what we know is as of thursday when this came into play some of this can affect you directly. we do know january 1st is when a large number of americans will see this change and you'll feel that battle that went on so long how it ultimately trickles down to you. there's limits on how that will go and some don't kick in for years. 2014 is when they kick in. it's possible in the meantime there could be a new law enacted that could change the whole health care re form package. >> republicans say there will be. and we're going to talk about the politics of health care. that's next. i want to give my 5 employees health insurance,
9:05 am
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9:09 am
>> it's a gop battle cry for the midterm elections. >> the american people will be heard and we'll repeal and replace. >> i have pledged as my first act of legislation to put in a repeal obama care law. >> reporter: if republicans win a majority of seats in congress, one of the first things they promise to do is repeal president obama's signature achievement, health care reform. >> what's your response to -- >> reporter: under a new gop-controlled house texas congressman joe barton would likely become chairman of a key house committee overseeing health care. he said hearings would begin as soon as january to dismantle the law. >> if we're given the opportunity to be in the majority, we are going to try to repeal it -- >> reporter: right away? >> and replace it with something that makes sense. the sooner the better. >> reporter: that threat as new portions of the lau go into effect this week, provisions that stop insurers from denying coverage to children with preexisting conditions or dropping policies for people who get sick. big expansions of coverage don't
9:10 am
come until 2014. still recent polls show the law remains unpopular. >> i voted against the health care bill -- >> reporter: even some democrats are running against it. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius argues the public will come around. >> why is this law so unpopular? >> i think it's more confusing than unpopular. >> you would grant that it's unpopular right now? not as popular as you would like? >> that's accurate. it's based on a lot that the law contains elements it doesn't have. death panels. >> you're ready to have this debate all over again? >> i am indeed. >> reporter: so is the president, who points to parts of the bill that are popular. >> if young people don't have health insurance through their employer, that they can stay on their parents 'health insurance up to the age of 26.
9:11 am
>> reporter: parts congressman barton wants to keep. are there portions of the lau that should be kept? >> i think coverage of preexisting conditions, the ability to keep your insurance and not have it revoked unless -- >> reporter: rescissions -- >> -- unless you committed fraud. >> reporter: other republicans say scrap the whole thing. conservative activist alex cortez with the group defund says the solution is to starve the law of money. >> go after smaller provisions. we will not let kathleen sebelius implement and enforce the law. >> 2 won't be easy. any bill changing the lau would likely be vetoed by the president and republicans really have no chance of picking up enough seats in the midterms to override any health care veto. but republicans say just because they don't have the votes doesn't mean they won't try. jim acosta, cnn, washington. lawmakers on both sides of is this issue join us next. you see them now. republican phil gingrey and
9:12 am
democrat allison schwartz. live questions after the break. [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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9:15 am
if you're a believer in political polls there could be a u-turn for anyone who likes the new health care lau. as you heard should republicans regain a majority in congress they have vowed to repeal the new changes. take a look at this. with a little more than a month to go before midterms results of the new cnn opinion research corporation poll suggest republicans have a clear advantage with voters nationwide. when asked which party they favor for congressional
9:16 am
elections, the gop came out on top by nine percentage points. that's pretty big. four years ago, the democrats were the public favorites. 55% to 42%. the new poll also indicates more than 20% of likely voters have yet to make up their minds. joining us now to talk about the politics of health care, two lawmakers. they're on opposite sides of the issue. georgia republican congressman phil gingrey with me here in atlanta. he vows to work to repeal the new health care lau. joining us from philadelphia is democratic congresswoman allison schwartz. allison, i'm going to begin with you since this is a democratic-passed law. we heard the health secretary in the report earlier say this is more confusing than unpopular. in an infamous quote leading up to this, one of your leaders said let's pass it and we'll find out what's in it. it's now six months since it's been passed. we're finding out what is in it. are you still supporting this law? and is it turning out to be the
9:17 am
law you wanted to have passed? >> the fact is that you are absolutely right. the democrats stood up for americans who were calling on us to, one, make sure the insurance that they paid for for years is meaningful, so that the law that we passed -- and we do know what's in this bill. but the law we passed stood up for american people with consumer protections to make sure that parents who have paid for insurance, who want to buy in smurns for their kids and have a child with a preexisting condition, we no longer allow insurance companies to say, no, we're not paying for the child with asthma or diabetes. that's now the law of the land. you pay insurance for years and years and get cancer and your insurance company says, no, sorry, no more cancer treatments for you. you're on your own. that's really just unacceptable. it's not acceptable to americans. we passed a law to stop it and the republicans were against it. when they had a chance to stand up for americans, they did not do it. so it's the law of the land and
9:18 am
the americans -- i know my constituents -- i'm sure it's true for phil's too calling the office saying how can i keep my 25-year-old on my insurance policy? >> congresswoman, i wanted to make this more of a conversation and less about a political campaign speech. i asked you if you support this law. you still support this law and it's playing out the way you thought it would, correct? >> absolutely. it is playing out the way we -- >> and your counterpart phil gingrey is here. maybe i'm hearing differently. but from a lot of segments of the population i've been talking to, they don't like this law the way it's been played out because i think other than the protections that we've heard, which i think we can both say were needed, the rate hikes have already kicked in. people are seeing their health insurance rise. we heard the president say this is about lowering the cost of health care. it seems to be doing the opposite. >> my good friend from
9:19 am
pennsylvania allyson schwartz spent a lot of time before saying she likes the bill. she's obviously not among the 61% of people across the country that detest the bill. here we are six months after that passage that person you talked about in leadership, you were speaking of the speaker nancy pelosi who said we need to hurry up and pass this bill so we can figure out what's in it and then later said i think president obama said this when the people know more about the bill they're going to like it. it's been six months and they still hate it. >> let me ask you. there are specifics of this bill that i think a lot of republicans i've heard like. you can't get dropped for various illnesses. >> yeah. >> if you have a kid with a problem, you can't get dropped. the insurance companies can't drop you. now, when you guys, the republicans say you're going to drop this bill, are you going to actually try to repeal the whole bill or rough going to try to modify it? >> there's so much bad in the bill that we have to repeal it. but some of the first things we would put in our new bill of course would be to say that
9:20 am
insurance companies can't rescind a policy after the fact because somebody has filled out a policy and made a technical error, there's no fraud involved whatsoever or that insurance companies can't de facto deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions by charging them three or four times standard rates. we agree with all of that. allowing young people to stay on their parents' health insurance policy until 26, particularly if they don't have insurance in their first job. we think that's a good thing. that would be included in our new bill, in our replacement bill. but the things that wouldn't be included would be a mandate to force every american against their will to purchase health insurance, whether they needed it or not, under the penalty of law with irs going over their tax returns to make sure that they indeed had an insurance policy and not just one of their choice, drew, but one that the government decides that they need, a very expensive first dollar coverage policy. >> bring in congresswoman
9:21 am
schwartz again because in your real life, congresswoman, you had to deal with real life health insurance bills. you handled health insurance for the city of philadelphia. and i mentioned the cost of health care. and whether or not we can stem this tide, this rising tide of health care costs. is this bill living up to that mandate which was to put a cap on the actual health insurance bill that's coming out of our wallets in. >> well, let's -- let me just be very clear about this. one of the reasons that we did pass health reform was because of the rising cost of health premiums for small businesses, for all employers, reducing our economic competitiveness and in fact we are -- it hasn't kicked in yet, which is why we believe insurance companies are taking advantage of this period of time before that part of the bill does begin to raise rates. and insurance commissioners and insurance secretaries in every state where they have the authority should come down on those insurance companies.
9:22 am
i think it's outrageous to see small businesses see rates increase by 20%. but for the government it's not sustainable for us to continue to see this rise. so of course one of the reasons that we passed this legislation is because it's unsustainable, the cost of health coverage. but the way phil talked about it sounds so mild and fine. the fact is that he voted against these very consumer protections that i. talked about and so did his party. and repealing this bill and saying we're going to start all over again, you're talking about -- first of all, the president won't allow that to happen because waiting nour four, five, six, ten years and then you get these consumer protections is not acceptable to families in my district, to small business in my district waiting for help. >> we're going to hold you after the break. right back with more of these two lawmakers on this very important issue. ♪
9:23 am
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9:26 am
back with us now, georgia republican congressman phil gingrey with me in atlanta. he vows to work to repeal the new health care law. joining us from philadelphia democratic congresswoman allyson schwartz. congressman, you made a good point before our break that even if the republicans repeal the law, the president is not going to sign anything the republicans do if they get control of the hou house. let's not get ahead of that. but congressman gingrey, you say with or without the president's help, if republicans get in power, if republicans fight to repeal the law they can stop it. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves on anything. i think when you look back to president clinton with welfare reform, we sent a bill, the republican congress three times. he vetoed twice and finally signed it. i don't know that that's in
9:27 am
president obama's dna, but hope springs eternal. i'm not holding my breath. but let's pass a bill repealing it, send it to him and see what he does. if at that point 75% of the american people want it repealed and he's thinking about his reelect in 2014, then who knows. but short of that as you point out absolutely we have the power of the purse. we can defund. every one of these agencies involved in implementing this new law will need $5 billion to $10 billion of appropriations. we can stop that and certainly stop the irs from hiring those 15,000 additional inspectors to go over people's tax returns to make sure that they have indeed purchased health insurance. >> yeah. it's interesting. i should just point out for the point of this conversation you're a doctor. you're an ob/gyn. congresswoman schwartz you were an executive basically running philadelphia's health care system. so we bring a lot of experience to this table here. it's interesting that you guys
9:28 am
are so far apart on this. congresswoman, you said that -- because a lot of people feeling the effects right now of this health care bill are seeing their rise in their health insurance rate. you said that health insurance companies are taking advantage of this kind of gap. i'm wondering could you not see this forthcoming when you passed this bill that there would be this spike in rates given the gap that exists, that allows them to do that? >> yes, we -- well, we did actually see that and were concerned about health insurance companies taking advantage of the situation and knowing that we are going to make sure that they actually spend -- for example, there will be a new rule that says they have to spend at least 80%, 85% of the money that people pay into premiums on health insurance. but look, what's happening right now is not different from what's been happening over the last decade. insurance companies have been raising rates for families and
9:29 am
employers at 10, 20, 30 and in some cases 40%. this isn't different. this is what we're changing. this is what phil gingrey and the republicans want to stop. they want to make sure that consumers don't have the power of the purse, that they don't get to choose their doctors, that insurance companies are in complete control. they want to take away the new rules that we are sending for insurance companies. that's what phil is saying. he wants to repeal this bill. he hates this bill. it's not about the bill. it's about the protections that are available right now -- >> so let me just get this straight. what you're basically saying is that the republicans are just out to benefit the insurers and do not care about the consumers or the health care recipients in this country and that if the republicans take over, we can expect just more of the same where insurance companies run health care? >> look, that's what their pledge for america says, is that they are going to go back to the ways that we had before. >> before -
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